Women in Transaction Banking

BAFT Women in Transaction Banking

The BAFT Women in Transaction Banking (WTB) is a pioneering initiative aimed at promoting gender diversity and inclusion within the transaction banking industry. Our mission is to empower women professionals by providing them with the necessary resources, networking opportunities, and mentorship to thrive in transaction banking roles. By addressing the gender gap in the industry, we aim to foster innovation, drive profitability, attract more talent, and create a more inclusive environment within transaction banking.

“Empowering women in transaction banking is not just about balance sheets; it’s about creating a legacy of equality and excellence.”

~Deepa Sinha, VP, Payments & Financial Crimes, BAFT

What we want to accomplish

  • Promote gender diversity, equity, and inclusion: Create awareness and advocate for the inclusion of women in transaction banking roles at all levels.
  • Empower women professionals: Provide resources, training, and mentorship programs to support the career development of women in transaction banking.
  • Foster networking opportunities: Facilitate networking events, conferences, and forums to connect women professionals with industry leaders, mentors, and peers.
  • Attract new talent: Foster interest in transaction banking through networking events and forums that highlight women in leadership roles in the industry.
  • Drive industry research and thought leadership: Conduct studies and publish reports, via working groups, to highlight the contributions and challenges faced by women in transaction banking, thus encouraging industry-wide dialogue and change.
  • Collaborate with organizations: Forge strategic partnerships with financial institutions, industry associations, and academic institutions to further advance gender diversity and inclusion initiatives in transaction banking

How we will do it

The program revolves around three overarching initiatives.

  • Mentorship/Allyship: This inter-bank program initiative will enable women at an early or mid-level career point to be mentored by women, and men, at senior levels at different organizations. The program will also enable senior-level women to obtain mentorship from other senior-level women, and men, at other organizations. The BAFT team will facilitate and administer the program, and pair mentees to appropriate mentors. This is an exclusive offering to BAFT members only.
  • Professional Resources: A series of webinars and workshops will be offered throughout the year, covering both soft and hard skills on topics such as career development, personal branding, effective communications, leadership skills, and technical skills necessary for a successful transaction banking career. These will be open to both members and non-members.
  • Women’s Speakers Bureau: We will create a database of women who are subject matter experts (SMEs) on various topics whom we can tap into as potential speakers for BAFT conferences, webinars, workshops, and other events, and media interviews.
  • Networking events: This is an opportunity for members to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential mentors. These networking events are combined with panel discussions, guest speakers, or roundtable discussions conducted over breakfasts, lunches, dinners, or a happy hour held in conjunction with BAFT events, other industry events, or as a stand-alone activity during the year. These will be open to members (and conference attendees, if held in conjunction with a BAFT event).

Check the BAFT Conference and Events for the list of education offerings (webinars and workshops) and networking events, and Mentorship tab above for information on the program.