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Bringing Finance into the Digital Age

As a worldwide forum for analysis, discussion, and advocacy in international financial services, BAFT supports new technologies for trade and cash management products, with a focus on distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) in transaction banking.

The BAFT Innovation Council is a body of experts who look at emerging technologies, track use cases beneficial to the transaction banking industry, and engage with policymakers to advance responsible innovation.

We continue to engage with policymakers on the need to rationalize laws and regulations to best address emerging technology and business models that affect financial services worldwide. 

New Business Models, Innovation and Disruptive Ventures in the Financial Services Industry

Listen to the Opening Keynote on innovation from the 2022 Asia Bank to Bank Forum, a fireside chat with BAFT’s President & CEO, Tod Burwell, and Alex Manson from SC Ventures at Standard Chartered as they discuss new business models, innovation and disruptive ventures, and the (re)evolution happening in the financial industry.

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