Future Leaders Program

BAFT Future Leaders Program

Launched in 2015, BAFT organized a program to support the identification and development of the next generation of leadership in transaction banking. The BAFT Future Leaders Program demonstrates that a collaborative industry approach to talent recognition and development provides individual, organizational and industry value.

BAFT Future Leaders Class of 2022 Graduation in Washington, DC

What is the Mission of the Future Leaders Program?

The mission of the Program is to engage future leaders in solving common industry challenges. Program objectives include:

  1. Recognizing rising talent in the transaction banking industry
  2. Forming guidance on industry issues from the perspective of future leaders
  3. Building a network of young leaders that will lead the next generation
  4. Providing future leaders exposure to current transaction banking industry leaders
  5. Creating a pipeline of talent that will contribute to industry issues through BAFT

What does the Program Consist of?

  1. 30-35 nominees from around the world will arrange in small working teams and engage in a [virtual] group project to solve current industry related challenges
  2. Working groups will receive guidance and mentorship by One BAFT Board Member and prior year graduate
  3. Future Leaders will be able to further their cross-banking relationships and industry knowledge by being invited to attend BAFTs most prestigious conferences and events
  4. During such events, candidates will present their working group findings to the most prominent and respected bankers in the industry
  5. Graduation Reception and Award Ceremony held in their honor at the BAFT Annual Conference
  6. Chance to remain a vital member of the BAFT organization and viewed as a thought leader in the industry

Nominating an Individual from Your Institution

All BAFT member organizations are eligible to propose a candidate for the program. We ask that member organizations nominate no more than one individual. The target participant:

  1. Minimum of 3 / maximum of 10 years of transaction banking experience
  2. Manager must support candidate spending 2-4 hours per week on project work
  3. High performer with high potential, and has demonstrated leadership ability
  4. Interested in engaging on broader industry issues
  5. Self-starters who work will in teams and cross-functionally
  6. Must have a role in, or directly supporting, transaction banking
  7. Should be available to attend the program graduation in Washington, DC May 2021 (or virtual event) as well as other events outlined prior to acceptance.
  8. The program itself is FREE, however, we do expect nominating organizations to cover the necessary travel costs for nominees and to support their time needed for participation

Program Framework

Participants must be nominated by their respective institution, which includes the organizational support to participate in the program projects, including attend the requisite meetings.

Candidates will complete a group project that requires collaboration and teamwork. Projects will be supported by mentors from the BAFT Board of Directors. We encourage participants to engage in BAFT committees, working groups, and webinars in support of their project. We expect the projects will not encroach on normal work deliverables, but commitment to participate is crucial.

Projects will be selected by a task force comprised of BAFT staff, board members, and past graduates of the program. The project will seek to address common industry challenges leveraging the fresh perspective that future leaders bring, while also integrating current BAFT work streams where applicable. Previous years projects maybe found here.

Next Steps

  1. Applications will be sent to BAFT member organization’s “primary contact” this fall.
  2. For inquires please write to [email protected]
  3. Have a project you wish Future Leaders would work on? Please send you ideas to [email protected]