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Advocacy, Policy and Regulation

BAFT’s members provide leadership to build consensus in preserving the safe and efficient conduct of the financial system worldwide. BAFT closely monitors the impact that new regulatory policy initiatives could have on the provision of trade financing and payment services that support the real economy. BAFT convenes working groups to guide BAFT advocacy on regulatory interests before global policy makers.

BAFT weighs in on issues including regulatory capital and liquidity requirements. It plays a central role in leading industry efforts to implement Basel III reform proposals worldwide and convenes regional working groups to conduct local policy engagement.

BAFT is focused on providing guidance on the impact of IBOR transition on the trade finance industry and developing industry best practices to transition to alternative reference rates. A global working group guides BAFT’s advocacy on the topic.

BAFT also closely tracks global trade policy developments, with special focus on finance services and market access, and data provisions that would further facilitate the delivery and availability of transaction banking services. BAFT actively participates in global industry coalitions such as Engage China, Asia Pacific Financial Forum (APFF), and the British American Finance Alliance (BAFA).

Tightening Bank Regulations – What it Means for Banks

Watch this fireside chat on Moody’s ratings views on tightening bank regulation against a backdrop of the sector outlook for Banks. This session addresses topics such as:
-Basel III Endgame
-Regional Bank Long-term Debt Requirement
-Liquidity Reform -Stress Testing & Stress Capital Buffer
-Bank Term Funding Program Extension

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