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Sustainable Finance and ESG

Sustainability and ESG have become public and private sector priorities, with consumers and corporates alike increasingly focused on sustainability practices when making financial decisions and governments considering a wide variety of policy initiatives to drive behavior. The transaction banking industry has a crucial role to play in supporting corporate efforts to position sustainability at the core of their business strategies and throughout their supply chains.

Policymakers in certain regions are outlining public policy frameworks and taxonomies to support policy positions for companies operating within their jurisdictions. BAFT believes there must be an appropriate balance between the public and private sectors to shape policy in a way that incentivizes behavior without creating unintended consequences with negative economic implications.

There is a role for industry advocates to play to ensure public policy reflects consistency across jurisdictions so as not to create undue advantages or burdens based on geography.

ADB, MPA, Trafigura and Standard Chartered on Sustainable Development Goals

Are we on track to reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)? Concerted efforts from all industry players as well as technology solutions are needed to steer the trajectory back on track to meet SDG goals. Industry experts at the 2022 Asia Bank to Bank Forum share their perspectives on what the future might look like as the industry aims to re-accelerate the momentum in a world that needs to trade sustainably. Sustainability and traceability should be embedded throughout the supply chain to enable us to reach these goals.

Leadership and Working Groups

Our Priorities

  • Developing Definitions and Standards for Sustainable Trade Finance
  • ESG and Its Role in Financial Services
  • Guidance on Sustainability Reporting
  • Impact Investing
  • Principles for Applying Net Zero Across International Finance Transactions
  • Standards for Sustainable Finance in Transaction Banking

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Vice President, International Policy

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