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BAFT Councils and Committees

Our Councils and Committees are organized around members’ particular areas of interest:

These groups enable members to share ideas and work together on targeted industry initiatives, such as regulations, advocacy, and standardized agreements, to drive the association’s agenda forward.

Ask The Expert

Members can propose a question to BAFT’s Committees for clarification on industry practice through Ask-the-Expert. This is your opportunity to share an issue or ask a question to our committees and get feedback on industry practices and interpretations from subject matter experts.

Member Directory

Be part of the BAFT Global Community; the Member Directory connects you with BAFT members around the globe.  The directory allows you to search by Person, Company, and Country.  Want to be added to the Member Directory? Be sure to answer “Yes” to “List my contact information in the Online Member Directory” under the communications preferences within your profile.  

Member Newsletters

Stay up-to-date on the latest transaction banking news with members-only education, event, policy and training news, including monthly and ad-hoc updates. Get the most recent market information and updates from our regional and subject matter experts. Read the latest blogs and opinion pieces from industry leaders in international banking.

Members Only Documents

BAFT continues to promote thought leadership and drive forward a broad list of initiatives. Our comment letters, standard documents, guidance documents and industry definitions are valued by our members around the globe. Members can view all documents, non-member access is restricted to select documents.  Indicates a document that is only available to BAFT members. Log in to your BAFT account using the Member Login in the upper right hand corner to access these documents including:

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