Custom Bank Training and Corporate Development

BAFT assists financial services institutions and solution providers with developing custom solutions for training, consultancy, assessments, governance programs, and human capital development.

Do you have a training or educational need within your organization? Are you looking to develop your human capital? 

Learn about the typical engagements we undertake to create bespoke training for banks and assist with organizational corporate development.

Typical Engagements

Custom Training

In addition to our online on-demand education and training resources, BAFT also creates custom training solutions for organizations on any number of transaction banking topics. With the help of our global network of subject matter experts, BAFT can deliver capacity building training to your organization via private sessions in-country or virtually.

Gap Assessments

Looking for a review of your policies, procedures, systems, and controls on topics such as AML, back-office operations, sales effectiveness, or security? BAFT helps organizations to identify credible industry experts and develop the implementation plan to bring your organizations up to standard.

Ready to Better Your Organization or Team?


For more information on custom bank training, email [email protected].

Custom Bank Training Testimonials

Online Education Corporate Packages

Group Packages and License Deals

Our catalogue of online certificates can be purchased as a group package or a license deal:

On top of discounted pricing for individuals, BAFT member organizations also receive additionally discounted rates on our certificates when buying a group package. Whether you have a few staff with specific training needs or global coverage with a wide variety of training needs, BAFT can customize a solution for you.

Group Pricing: Group packages are ideal for organizations with 5 or more professionals who require access to BAFT’s online training via our self-paced on-demand Learning Management System (LMS) to gain a specific skillset.

Regional Bank Discount: As a new member benefit and initiative of the Regional Bank Council, North American Regional Banks (asset size less than $250B USD) can now get a significantly reduced price on all BAFT certificates. Regional banks in the U.S. and Canada qualify for a $300 discount off the regular member rate per respective certificate.

License Deals: Licenses are ideal for organizations who would like unlimited access to BAFT’s professional development resources. License deals are also ideal for organizations who would like to leverage their own LMS to host BAFT content.

The BAFT Education Learning Management System (LMS)

Our certificate programs are a valuable training and development tool both for you and your team. For more information on group pricing, the regional bank discount program, or license deals contact [email protected].

BAFT Member Organizations Utilizing Online Education Corporate Packages


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