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Cash Management and Liquidity

BAFT remains the leading global transaction banking industry association engaged in cross-border payments, cash management, and liquidity. 

We publish cutting-edge whitepapers, set industry best practices, and prepare common tools for our members. 

BAFT actively engages regulators, infrastructure providers, and standard setters through outreach and advocacy to ensure that our members’ voices are heard and incorporated in the development of policy.

Real-Time Payments in the Middle East

Regional government entities in the Middle East have taken notice of instant payments recently with initiatives launched across the region including Buna, a cross-border payments platform launched by the Arab Monetary Fund, and the GCC RTGS launched by the Gulf Cooperation Council. 

Additionally, local governments have recently introduced instant payment systems, including Saudi Payments in Saudi Arabia while the UAE has also announced plans for an expanded instant payments scheme domestically. 

Learn more about the opportunities and challenges presented as the Middle East region quickly embraces real-time payments.

Leadership and Working Groups

  • Global Payments Industry Council (GPIC)
  • Payments and Compensation Committee
  • Funds Transfer Product Management Committee

Our Priorities

  • Faster Payments
  • Fraud
  • Payments Transparency

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