BAFT and TFG Comprehensive Letter of Credit Guide

BAFT and TFG Launch a Comprehensive Letter of Credit Guide

In a world where global trade is constantly shaped by shifting economic conditions and geopolitical uncertainties, Letters of Credit stand out as a reliable source of security and trust. With interest rates remaining “higher-for-longer” and financial access tightening for businesses worldwide — coupled with increasing logistics costs, supply chain challenges and geopolitical instability — the need for clear guidance on Documentary Credits has never been more critical.

While Letters of Credit are one of the most vital tools used in international trade, their complexity can create confusion among many practitioners. Recognizing the need to demystify this essential trade finance instrument, TFG and BAFT have come together to craft a guide that not only clarifies the basics of Letters of Credit but also breaks down further intricacies of when to use certain documents.

The aim is to broaden the understanding and use of this tool, removing barriers and fostering a more inclusive global trade environment. The guide is the result of a collaborative effort, drawing on the insights and experiences of industry veterans. Special thanks go to David Meynell, Pradeep Taneja, Deepesh Patel and Scott Stevenson for their contributions, and to the BAFT Commercial Letters of Credit Committee, who have made this publication possible.

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