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BAFT Recognizes 2023 Ambassador of the Year Honorees at Global Annual Meeting

Announced at the 2023 Global Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA on May 1, BAFT is pleased to recognize the following individuals for their tireless commitment and contribution to the success of association and its work.

To publicly acknowledge individuals from member organizations who have volunteered their time and worked tirelessly with the association throughout the prior association calendar year, BAFT annually awards select members with the BAFT Ambassador of the Year Award.

Ambassadors of the Year are individuals representing member organizations recognized by BAFT on an annual basis. Following nomination submissions, annual honorees are chosen following a weighted voting process by BAFT staff.

Officially announced at the 2023 Global Annual Meeting, BAFT is honored to recognize the following individuals for the invaluable assistance they have provided to the association throughout the past year and for helping to continually drive the mission and vision of the organization forward.

·      Baishali (Poppy) Biswal, Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager, Key Bank N.A.

·      Okechukwu Ihejirika, Senior Manager, Trade Services, African Export-Import Bank

·      Sabry Salman, Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Institutions & FinTech’s (Non-Bank PSPs) Barclays

We would like to thank each of the awardees for their time and recognize their organization’s commitment to the advancement of transaction banking. Each honoree has been recognized respectively for their contributions to the advancement of sustainability and support of the association’s work in the Middle East; leadership in the LIBOR Transition Working Group and Future Leaders Program; and development of BAFT education and training programs.

Honorees received their official awards at the BAFT Ambassador of the Year awardee ceremony in San Francisco, CA on May 1, 2023.