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BAFT Jointly Publishes Paper on the SCF Payables Finance Technique

On February 13, 2020, the Global Supply Chain Finance Forum (GSCFF) made up of the major global associations representing the trade finance market including BAFT, FCI, the ICC, the ITFA and the EBA, published a Payables Finance white paper to allay concerns and clarify what Payables Finance is and how it works.

BAFT, a member of the Global Supply Chain Finance Forum (GSCFF), jointly published with its forum partners the EBA, FCI, the ICC and the ITFA the white paper titled Payables finance-how it helps global supply chains. The white paper is a factsheet from the GSCFF that explains the SCF Payables Finance technique-how it works and why, and when appropriately used, how it benefits supply chain buyers and suppliers.

To view the white paper, visit our Library of Documents under the White Papers section.