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BAFT Releases Updated Correspondent Banking Relationship Guide, Respondent’s Playbook 2.0

BAFT released today an updated version of its Respondent’s Playbook for Obtaining and Maintaining a Correspondent Banking Relationship. 

The BAFT Respondent’s Playbook 2.0: A Correspondent Banking Relationship Guide serves as a roadmap for respondent banks on international anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) standards. This updated correspondent banking relationship guide provides actions that may improve the ability of respondent banks to obtain and maintain a correspondent banking relationship.

This is an update to the 2019 guidance document for users of correspondent banking services. The Respondent’s Playbook 2.0 newly outlines the decision-making process of correspondents establishing new and reviewing existing relationships and the measures that respondents may take to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

The 2023 version incorporates current regulatory changes in the marketplace and includes a new section on the ISO 20022 migration in addition to sections covering:

  • An Introduction on the Current State of Correspondent Banking
  • Establishing a New Correspondent Relationship
  • Maintaining an Existing Correspondent Relationship
  • Options for Respondent Banks Unable to Obtain or Maintain a Relationship
  • Special Considerations for Money Services Businesses and Fintechs
  • Frequently Asked Questions from Respondent Banks

BAFT Members can download the Respondent’s Playbook 2.0: A Correspondent Banking Relationship Guide for free. Non-members can purchase the updated guide through the BAFT Store.