Overview of Continuing Professional Development for CDCS Holders

Your CDCS designation will remain valid for three years. To retain it, you need to take part in the recertification program or retake the exam at the end of the three-year period.

Looking for Continuing Professional Development Credits (CPDs)?

Claiming CPDs from participating in a BAFT Education or BAFT Events program? 

BAFT is an LIBF accredited CPD provider for our educational and events programs. Such accreditation demonstrates that BAFT’s learning activities represent a quality learning experience.

Claiming your CPDs from a BAFT educational or events program is easy to do online. LIBF Members and Alumni can log their CPD hours through the MyLIBF web portal. MyCPD is an online tool for LIBF members to log their CPD hours and maintain an accurate CPD record.

Helpful Resources

For more information on CPDs please refer to CPD for Trade Finance Professionals @ LIBF. If you have a question or query about CPDs, please contact [email protected].