Overview of Continuing Professional Development for CDCS®

Recertification is required every three years to demonstrate continuing professional development and to retain the right to use the CDCS® designation. To maintain your CDCS certification, you will need to earn 36 CPDs during this time to recertify your CDCS. “36” represents an average of one hour of CPD each month of the recertification cycle, which gives a simple reference point to keep you on track with your CPD learning/personal development.

You can report activities through BAFT, if you earned your CDCS® certification in Canada, the United States, or Mexico. (If you received your CDCS® certification outside of Canada, Mexico, or the United States through LIBF/ifs, please visit the LIBF website: Activities should be recorded on the CDCS® recertification activity reporting form. Forms may be submitted to BAFT at [email protected].

BAFT requires a minimum of 24 CPDs to be earned by attending BAFT-approved and other accredited events and training and/or participation in online courses/bank-approved training to earn CPDs. These events and training sessions include BAFT conferences, workshops, and committee work, ICC courses, IIBLP courses, Coastline Solutions courses, and BAFT-approved bank training. 

See a list of courses and events that are accepted for CPDs toward CDCS® recertification and see the following information:

  • Global Trade Certification (3- 25 CPDs)
  • Certificate in Supply Chain Finance (CSCF) (30 CPDs)
  • Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees (CSDG) (30 CPDs)
  • Incoterms® 2020 Certificate (INCO)(6 CPDs)
  • Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) (36 CPDs)
  • Certificate in Principles of Payment (CertPAY) (12 CPDs)
  • Certificate in Trade Finance Compliance (CTFC) (30 CPDs)
  • Certificate in International Trade Finance (CITF) (30 CPDs)

Recertification Cycle

The first recertification cycle will start after a successful completion of the initial examination (in April or October) it will conclude three years later on April 30 or October 31 of that year so, as an example:

Following these recertification cycle examples, subsequent recertification cycles will start either on May 1 or November 1 and conclude three years later on April 30 or October 31st, respectively.
36 CPDs (PDUs) are required to recertify. There are no minimum or maximum hours which can be claimed in any one year.


The request for an extension and CDCS® Activity Reporting Forms listing CPDs to date must be submitted by April 30 or October 31 of the third year of the recertification cycle. An extension to acquire the additional CPDs needed for recertification does not extend your recertification three year validation period. Please note that each extension request will be reviewed; an extension is not automatically guaranteed.


$200 – Recertification fee prior to April 30th or October 31st
$250 – Late recertification fee (applications submitted after April 30th or October 31st)


Recertification Activity Form

CDCS® Recertification Handbook

Submit CPDs

Current CDCS® holders may submit their CPDs by emailing [email protected]. Please allow 10 working days for a reply.