A total of 36 CPDs/PDUs is required for each three-year recertification cycle. Please refer to the list of “Core CPDs” below for the minimum of 24 CPDs (up to 36 CPDs) and the “Expanded Activities” for the additional 12 CPDs.

Core CPDs to Earn 24-36 CPDs

BAFT requires a minimum of 24 CPDs to be earned by attending BAFT-approved and other accredited events and training and/or participation in online courses/bank-approved training to earn CPDs. All 36 CPDs may be earned from these activities. These events and training sessions include BAFT conferences, workshops, and committee work, ICC courses, IIBLP courses, Coastline Solutions courses, and BAFT-approved bank training.

CPDs may be earned as listed in the following categories:

  1. BAFT events: 6-15 CPDs are awarded for conferences and workshops
  2. BAFT Committees: Three (3) CPDs are awarded for each year for participating in at least 6 meetings per year of BAFT Trade committees. A maximum of nine (9) CPDs may be earned in this category within each three-year recertification cycle.
  3. BAFT webinars: One CPD is awarded for attending live webinars that award CPDs, for a maximum of three (3) CPDs earned in a 3-year recertification cycle from BAFT webinars.
  4. Online courses and events: One CPD is awarded for each 50-60 minute session or contact hour (including questions and answers) in topics related to documentary credits and/or international trade.
  5. Note: Courses at the entry or basic level do not qualify for CPD credit as a CDCS® professional has demonstrated knowledge in these areas.
  6. A maximum of 12 CPDs is awarded annually for a college/university level course in a related topic area.
  7. An advanced degree (post-graduate) in any financial services related area is awarded 24 CPDs.
  8. Two CPDs are awarded for each speaking/teaching/presentation hour (50-60 minutes) in a related topic; similar presentations may only be submitted once per three-year recertification cycle unless the content is sufficiently varied. A maximum of 12 CPDs may be earned in this category in each three-year recertification cycle.

Expanded Activities to Earn an Additional 12 CPDs Toward Recertification

To assist with achieving the increased hours, we are allowing new CPD activities to be claimed towards recertification. These activities must be reviewed by BAFT first in order to accept and award CPDs. BAFT requires supporting documentation to be submitted for the following:

  1. Preparatory work required prior to a trade finance event/workshop;
  2. Activities carried out following workshops or events;
  3. Time taken to research content for delivering training to others;
  4. Studying to take internal tests such as anti-money laundering, data protection, anti-fraud measures, etc. (test results will be proof of learning);
  5. Internal training carried out by superiors as part of your job role within International Trade Finance;
  6. Participating in industry briefings;
  7. Time taken to research content for compiling industry documents / books / journals;
  8. Two CPDs are awarded for each published page in a related topic area. A maximum of 12 credits may be earned in this category within each three-year recertification cycle.
  9. Time taken to research content for exam or tests;
  10. Meetings with internal or external colleagues where new knowledge or skills are gained in international trade finance – good clear records will be required that can validate the learning and the claim.