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BAFT’s Project Management Office (PMO) assists financial services institutions  and solution providers with developing bespoke solutions for training, consultancy, assessments, governance programs and human capital development. 

Typical Engagements

In-House Training

Do you have training or educational needs within your organization? BAFT PMO can help source an industry expert in the fields of compliance, operations, payments, technology, and trade finance. Our experts deliver tailored, in-person, deep-dive training on the subject matter important to you.

Gap Assessments

Looking for a one-time review of your policies, procedures, systems and controls such as AML, security, or technology? BAFT PMO helps organizations identify industry experts to conduct the assessment and provide you with the implementation plan to bring your organization to standard.

Project Management Governance

BAFT PMO connects you with independent third-party consultants to establish the governance, roles and responsibilities, and commercial terms for your consortium. Technical experts may also be identified to serve as workstream leads.

Staff Augmentation (Coming Soon)

BAFT PMO has practitioners that are available on a part-time basis until your organization is able to support a full-time hire. More tenure in nature, our resources may also lend a valuable hand at shaping the requirements, roles and responsibilities, and training of your future resource or system implementation (inquiries only).

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