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BAFT White Paper Explores Uneven Regulations in the Payments Industry

WASHINGTON – BAFT, the leading global financial services association for international transaction banking, today released a new white paper, “Uneven Regulations in the Payments Industry.” The paper sheds light on the disparities and challenges in regulatory frameworks governing the global payments landscape.

This comprehensive publication offers a deep dive into the complexities of payment regulation and its implications for financial institutions, fintech firms, regulators, and consumers alike.

“In an era of rapid technological advancement and evolving payment methods, the regulatory environment has struggled to keep pace, resulting in a patchwork of regulations across jurisdictions,” said Deepa Sinha, vice president for payments & financial crimes, BAFT. “BAFT’s white paper serves as a vital resource for industry stakeholders seeking to navigate this complex regulatory landscape and advocate for greater harmonization and standardization.”

Key highlights of the white paper include:

  • Overview of Payment Regulations: It examines the diverse approaches taken by regulatory bodies in different jurisdictions around the world. From traditional banking regulations to emerging fintech regulations, it analyzes the regulatory frameworks governing various payment instruments, including cards, digital wallets, real-time payments, and cross-border transactions.

  • Challenges and Inconsistencies: The paper explores the fragmentation, duplicative requirements, and conflicting mandates in existing regulation that hinders interoperability and innovation in the payments ecosystem.

  • Impact on Market Participants: It offers an analysis of the compliance burden, operational costs, and market access barriers imposed by divergent regulatory requirements and how these uneven regulations impact financial institutions, fintech firms, payment service providers and consumers. It also discusses the implications for competition, consumer protection, and financial inclusion in an increasingly globalized payments landscape.

  • Regulatory Convergence: The paper takes a closer look at potential pathways for collaboration among regulatory bodies at the domestic, regional, and international levels.

  • Industry Recommendations: It provides an outline of strategies and practical recommendations to promote regulatory convergence, streamline compliance processes, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of payment regulation.

  • Call to Action: Lastly, it includes a push for industry stakeholders to work towards an inclusive, competitive, and fair environment in which consumers will effectively benefit from a broad and safe offering, while still maintaining provider profitability and sustainability. 

Click here to read BAFT’s Uneven Regulations in Payments. The white paper is also available within BAFT’s Library of Documents under the Guidance and Industry Practices section.

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